Welcome to Commercial-Air.com

hob·by - an activity engaged in for pleasure and relaxation during spare time

ob·ses·sion - that which preoccupies one's mind or emotions excessively or abnormally.


Sometimes there's a fine line between the two. It seems especially true with VW owners and at Commercial Air, we aren't much different. We live,breathe, and of course drive aircooled VWs. The majority of our spare time is dedicated to working on our current projects, developing hard to find repro parts, or attending club events. This website has been built to document those projects and to hopefully help others with theirs.

Check out the projects section to see what we are building now. It's always being updated and we do our best to take lots of photos to show you how we're doing. Every step has been put into it's own page to help you find what you are looking for. Don't forget to click on the link at the bottom of each page to see all the project photos. We have a long line of future projects, so it will always be interesting.

The products section highlights our work producing repro parts and accessories. Each product has been developed first for our vehicles and then for yours. We only do small production runs and every piece is built by hand. You can be sure that if we are using them on our cars, you should be using them on yours.

A links section has been added to make it easier for you to "indulge the obsession." It includes all our favorite technical, club, and vendor sites and more will be added as we find them.

The gallery includes photos of our rides, various events/shows, and anything else we find along the way.

Have an idea for a product, a comment about the site, or questions about our projects???? Click the contact us link to reach us directly.

Well, that's about it for the about us section. We're updating the web site all the time, so visit often.